Mario Suárez Porras

"In my photos the environment is important and minimalism prevails" Mario Suárez Porras

Born in 1968, Asturias, where he lives and works as a primary school teacher trying to instill in his students the love for nature.

He is a teacher by profession, bird photographer by vocation and founder of the Association of Nature Photographers of Asturias (AFONAS).

In the last twenty years he has spent countless hours photographing seabirds and their migrations from the Cantabrian coast, which consolidates him as a great expert on the subject. He has worked with nature magazines, newspapers and various national and international publications. He has also participated in several exhibitions and lectures on bird photography. He has been awarded in most of the most important international nature photography competitions: National Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year, Asferico, Montier, Glanzlichter, GoldenTurtle, Festival de l'Oiseau, Nature's Best Photography, Memorial María Luisa, MontPhoto, Nature Talks, Ambid, Isle of May photo Competition, FIO, SEO, Terre Sauvage Nature Images Award, Expoaves, Big Picture, Nature photography of the year, Bio Photo Contest, Bird Photographer of the Year.... He has also been a juror in several international nature photography competitions, as well as the Princess of Asturias Awards.

He recently published his book INSPIRED BY BIRDS, a photography book in which, in 14 chapters, he condenses the passion for images that he has felt since he was a child, and that has led him to win awards all over the world.

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